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Pressure transducer (reusable)

CGS offers reusable pressure transducers using domes for media separation. CGS works in CE marking catheters with integrated pressure transducers, already being awarded by two small grants, and applying for further grants.

CGS can offer different pole mounted invasive blood pressure transducers matching a range of different domes, e.g. snap-on dome, bayonet dome, as well as tayloring other invasive blood pressure transducers, please discuss with us your needs.

Similar transducers for laboratory use are also available and can be customized. Such sensors are already in use in biosynthesis labs.

TM2011 with patient monitor



Technical Data TM 2011


piezo resistive chip with Wheatstone bridge, circuit on PC board to adapt to patient monitors. Other target systems possible up on request.

pressure range

0-1000 hPa (1 bar) acc. ISO 60601-2-34 / up to 2 bar on request

coupling surface

 mechanical and chemical robust silicone membrane, stainless steel support membrane

holder ring (for the dome)

test button

double action tactile switch, programmable (standard: 50 mmHg on first stop, 100 mmHg on second stop)


robust casing of strong ABS


slide latch for the holder

connection cable

4-strands (excitation +, excitation -, signal +, signal -), braided screen with drain wire, outer coating with hygienic smooth surface, white, length and final end connector acc. request. Standard length 40 cm with 6 pole MediSnap connector.


Each device comes with end test and protocol according user specification, standard IEC 60601-2-34.

Parameter [units] Minimal value Typical value Maximal value Remarks
sensitivity [µV/V/mmHg]       As per IEC 60601-2-34 4% or 4mmHg whichever is greater, other trimming on request.
offset without dome [mmHg]     50  
excitation voltage [VDC] 2,70 5,00 5,50  
output impedance [Ω]     2000  
operating current [mA]     16 Except for Utah connector up to announced serial no.

This product is CE marked; however it has not been applied for FDA clearance for marketing the device and is not for sales in the US.