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m-health activities of CGS Sensors

CGS offers a procedure pack for telemetry of vital parameters, see here:

Procedure pack ad UK Flag PDF english, procedure pack advertising

CGS Sensors has been involved into a m-health project called KARDIKOM, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, as a supplier of the hardware, later also the modified software.

m-health scheme

The left part was evaluated under article 12 of the EU-MDD by CGS, Bluetooth transfer of data to a defined SPP end device as well, the rest, via a server to a telemonitoring centre is still under evaluation.

As all vital parameter data are included in the KARDIKOM study (CGS device is called Cor/log® wireless) with subsystems Cor/log® BAN BT and Cor/log® View), potential customers can use the CGS CE marking experience as predicate devices.

The clinical applications of Cor/log® BAN BT and Cor/log® View are clearly stated in the conference paper, "Cor/log BAN BT a Wearable Battery Powered mHealth Data Logger and Telemetry Unit for Multiple Vital Sign Monitoring UK Flag PDF english, procedure pack advertising", presented by Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Hilbel, Heidelberg University Hospital, Department of Cardiology, at the annual conference of Computing in Cardiology (CinC) 2016 in Vancouver, Canada.


m-health patient monitoring
This complete mobile patient monitoring does not raise the claim to be a very practical product design, but it is a complete design to cover all relevant regulatory aspects.

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